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This program is 1100 hours long and takes 11 months to complete.

Schedule varies by offering to remain "B" Shift friendly.

The following steps are required to be eligible for this program:

  • Complete Health Science Application
  • Establish TABE scores up to minimum level required for program admission (Reading-11, Math-11 and Language-11)
  • Attain a clear and complete criminal background check

A Health Science Information Session is MANDATORY before applying for this program.
Call the Guidance Department at (941) 924-1365 x62283 to make an appointment.

Applicants are only considered for selection into a program if all required elements are complete and on file. Materials must be submitted by the application deadline. Call (941) 924-1365 x62379 for current program application deadlines.

Applicants must also have:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Proof of Rubella immunity
  • A physical exam
  • A T.B. test
  • A current CPR card
  • Florida EMT Certification prior to paramedic clinical
  • Turned 18 years of age by completion of program
  • A criminal background check
  • Completed Anatomy and Physiology (offered online) prior to clinical

Applicants are also required to follow SCTI’s health and emergency service entrance requirements listed to the left. Please be sure to read it carefully as it relates to all Health and EMS programs.

Courses begin on the following dates: (Applications must be complete and an interview scheduled with the instructor prior to the entrance dates. Classes fill quickly so apply well in advance of start dates.):

  1. 8/18/2014
  2. 11/18/2014
  3. 2/17/2015

Call an SCTI counselor at (941) 924-1365 x62283

If you have your State of Florida Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification, you can enroll and prepare to become a team leader on advanced life support rescues. Procedures taught include...

  • Intravenous infusions,
  • Endotracheal intubation,
  • Defibrillation,
  • Drug administration, and
  • Basic techniques of resuscitation and stabilization.

Gain clinical experiences on Pediatric and Adult Patient Simulators, in local emergency rooms, operating rooms, and on fire department rescue units.


  • Anatomy and Physiology*
  • Didactic includes...
      • Preparatory
      • Airway Management and Ventilation
      • Patient Assessment
      • Trauma
      • Medical Emergencies
      • Special Considerations
      • Assessment-Based Management
      • Operations
      • Pharmacology
  • Hospital/Clinical
  • Field Internship

Course CODECourse titlehours


Basic Healthcare Worker



Paramedic 1 of 3



Paramedic 2 of 3


EMS0221 Paramedic 3 of 3  338


This program maintains national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). 

Graduates are prepared to take their certification exams as paramedics in accordance with standards given in Chapter 64J-2 of the Florida Administrative Code. College credit is issued upon application to a community college for those pursuing an associate of science (A.S.) degree in Emergency Medical Services.

*Complete Anatomy and Physiology online BEFORE you enroll. Anatomy and Physiology is a corequisite which must be completed prior to Clinical. (Click here for information on the online courses including costs and start dates.)

Applicants are also required to follow the SCTI health and emergency service entrance requirements:

1. Chemically Impaired: Requires one full year of documented stability prior to admission.

2. Emotional/Mental Illness: Requires one full year of documented stability prior to admission.

3. Arrests: Applicants who have been convicted of, or who have plead nolo contendere, for arson, assault, robbery, armed burglary, kidnapping, attempted murder, murder, manslaughter, repeated drug or alcohol offences, or repeated misdemeanor offences will be denied admission to Health Science programs. Applicants who have been arrested and convicted of or who have plead nolo contendere to offences other than those previously stated will be denied admission for one full year. Applicants must be prepared to present documentation of satisfaction of all court mandates and document one year of satisfactory work history. Regulatory agencies and local employers may have more stringent requirements for employment screening.

4. Health Risks: In order to determine that the applicant’s career choice will not be detrimental to their own health, or the safety of a patient/client, medical release documentation will be required for some medications and physical conditions identified on the physical examination questionnaire.

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